Alumnus works and change projects

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STM Alumnus works and change projects

rev olwaRev Susan Olwa
Rev Susan Olwa is an alumnus of the Master in Public Health Leaders (MPHL) program, class 2005. 
She has consistently shared the 
importance of safe motherhood to her husband Rev Canon Dr Alfred Olwa, Bishop of Lango Diocese, northern Uganda.  Bishop Olwa has embraced the message.
The Bishop has now made it his business to spread the safe motherhood message to members of his flock.
Rev Susan said: “Bishop says that I have been telling him that pregnancy must be a community concern.” The Rev adds that Bishop Olwa is making the best of his 
position and has now put safe motherhood on the church agenda to save mothers.
After taking safe motherhood lessons from his wife, Bishop Olwa is now a strong advocate of safe motherhood. He uses every moment to  encourage spouses, families and communities to make safe motherhood a reality. 

The power of conversation. Conversation stirs critical thinking, decision making and action. Keep the conversation on safe motherhood going with family, friends, workmates, church members and other networks. 
Rev MosesRev Moses Ssemugooma.
“My research was on family planning in the church. I have started advocating for safe motherhood in Mityana. We have developed a family planning strategic plan for Mityana district. And this is the first of this kind in Uganda.” Rev Moses is the Health Coordinator, Mityana Diocese Church of Uganda.

akulluBetty Akullo, Midwife, Lira - Northern Uganda 
“I used to think that if I deliver many women I would end maternal deaths. I joined this program to learn what role I could play to end this. My research was on teenage pregnancies in Abako Sub-county, Lira. I held dissemination meetings at the sub-county to share my findings. In Feb 2019 Plan International started a Stop teenage pregnancy and early marriage program in response to my research.

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